Beer number 7000

Posted: August 19, 2011 in Beer tasting
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That’s right: I have just reached a new milestone with my 7’000th beer sampled very recently. I know it may sounds weird to some of you, but, yes, I do count every different beer I drink. This is just part of my beerhunting passion.

It’s not that I’m the kind of “my-list-is-bigger-than-yours” guy (there are a lot of people much faster than me in this sport), but having a lot to show is definitely part of any collecting hobby. Even if you, like me, don’t collect something physical. And even more if this hobby has turned to an obsession…  Am I obsessed with beer sampling ? Well, I suppose I am, but I can live with this fact without problems, so what ?

Beer hunting has never been so easy, so exciting but, in a way, also so frustrating that since the last decade.

It’s definitely easy. The beer revolution, started in the seventies, has now hit many countries, including Switzerland. The number of breweries and beers is exploding and I’m lucky enough to live in the country with the highest density of breweries per capita (see also “Number of Breweries Worldwide“). With the internet you can find today every beer shops, breweries and bars you could never dream about. Somebody who would decide to start today could find more than one thousand beers without going out of Switzerland. A blatant contrast with the situation I lived in the beginning when finding 100 different beers was a real challenge.

Exciting it is, of course ! The variety and quality of the beers as well as the creativity of the brewers are light-years higher than what they were before.

And frustrating it can be, particularly when you realize that there are some great beers out there that you will never be able to taste. The number of them is just too high now to get them all. I can remember days and even weeks in the nineties, during them I was just unable to find a new beer. Nowadays, my cellar is constantly containing between 80 and 150 new beers, waiting patiently to be sampled.

Here is a chart showing my number of beers sampled during the last 24 years and clearly demonstrating the impact of the better availability and higher number of beers on my sampling rate:

And the curve from the last 3 years could be even more vertical if I were only able to drink faster 😉
By the way, my choice for number 7000 went to Cigar City Sea Bass: a complex sour ale, a great beer from a great brewery.

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