A look back at 2018

Posted: January 8, 2019 in Beer of the Month, Beer tasting, Swiss beer scene, Top ten

Exaggeration would be the best word to qualify my year 2018 in beer and, frankly, I wish I’ll stay in the future far away from the numbers I reached last year. For my own good.
Of course, the 1783 new beers I have tasted look pretty modest in comparison with top RateBeerian fonefan (4516) or the top Swiss beer ticker Thomas “TTT” Schneider (3403). But come on… an average of 4.9 new beers per day?

Best beer country in 2018!

Nevertheless, I’m pretty proud of having sampled more than one thousand new Swiss beers in one year! A milestone only reached and topped by my fellow beer ticker Marcel Vogt with … some more (never try to get an accurate statistic from an Untappd guy ;-))
The attending of 20 festivals in my country made this possible.

Behind Switzerland (1017), the USA can be found with 167 new beers. Then come England (150), Spain (74) and Germany (49). The same countries as last year.
Unfortunately, the hunt for new countries brought only modest results with only 2 ticks: Guam and Guernsey. I’m currently at 185 different countries and a total of 15’485 beers.

My favorite country in 2018 (with a minimum of 5 beers tasted) has been Sweden. Then follow Croatia, Denmark, Belgium and the USA.

Among the 641 breweries met last year, here are the ones from which I had the most different beers (the top 4 are the same as in 2017, just in a slight different order):

1) WhiteFrontier (28)

Best brewery and also the one I had the most beers from.

2) 523 (22)

3) Cinq 4000 (17)

Blackwell (17)

5) la Nébuleuse (16)

Brew by Numbers (16)

Dr. Brauwolf (16)


No surprise in the category of the most represented beer style, as IPA is in front for the 8th consecutive year with 205 beers (glad you ask: yes, I’m really getting tired of the over-representation of this style). Then come Sour (131), American Pale Ale (102), Saison (98) and Imperial Stout (91). Here were my favorite styles in 2018 (minimum of 5 beers tasted):

  1. Lambic – Fruited
  2. Baltic Porter
  3. Foreign Stout
  4. Quadrupel
  5. Sour/Wild Ale

Who says “best” must sometimes say “worst”. Talking about the styles which made me less enthusiastic lead us as always to the same usual suspects: 1) Pale Lager 2) Hefeweizen 3) Oktoberfest/Märzen 4) Dunkler Bock (a bit surprising) and 5) Amber Lager/Vienna.

My top ten breweries of 2018 shows as always an overwhelming presence of Swiss breweries (forgot to tell you I’m partial? ;-)):

1 WhiteFrontier

2 Nine Brothers

4th best brewery overall and best Swiss newcomer (tied with NordSud)

3 Cascade

4 NordSud and l’Apaisée

6 Blackwell

7 523

8 À Tue-Tête!

9 S&A Brewing

10 Jester King


This leads us directly to the top 20 breweries from Switzerland (on a scary total of 264):

1 WhiteFrontier

2 Nine Brothers

3 NordSud


5 Blackwell

11th rank in Switzerland (4th best newcomer): keep an eye on this brewery!

6 523

7 À Tue-Tête!

8 S&A Brewing

9 Cayon’s

10 Degenbier

11 Rufibräu

12 Brasserie du Temps

13 les Garçons

14 Güschu 58

15 Cinq 4000

16 Trois Dames

17 Chien Bleu

18 Brygger Øl

19 BFM

20 Bierwerkstatt Eberhard


I have been particularly efficient at finding new Swiss breweries last year and discovered 89 new ones. The top ten of the new Swiss breweries in 2018 looks like this:

1 NordSud and l’Apaisée (yes, exactly tied for first)

Tied for 1st as best Swiss newcomers

3 Rufibräu

4 Bierwerkstatt Eberhard

5 Brau Rebel

6 La Vadge

7 Brasserie du Dzô

8 Dive Bär

9 Brasserie des Celtes



Time now to take a look to my best beers from last year. Here is the top ten overall where Switzerland shows a strong presence:

1 Prairie Artisan Ales Prairie Bomb! (USA)

my best new beer in 2018

2 Wild Beer Beyond Modus IV (England)

BFM Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien 2016 (Switzerland)

4 Cayon’s Bad Boy’s Breakfast (Switzerland)

5 Nine Brothers Broken Leg – Apple and Pears (Switzerland)

6 Eberhard / Berner Kollektiv Spezie Rara – Cassis Saison (Switzerland)

Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Chili Hazelnut Break

8 Alvinne / Hair of the Dog Fred Meets Freddy

Alvinne Sour’ire de Mortagne

Evil Twin / Westbrook Imperial Mexican Biscotti Cake Break

Nine Brothers Brett Galaxy Shake


This leads us to the last ranking with my top ten beers from Switzerland:

1 BFM Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien 2016 (Switzerland)

2 Cayon’s Bad Boy’s Breakfast (Switzerland)

3 Nine Brothers Broken Leg – Apple and Pears (Switzerland)

2nd best brewery of 2018 and 2 beers in the top ten: the amazing nine brothers!

4 Eberhard / Berner Kollektiv Spezie Rara – Cassis Saison (Switzerland)

5 Nine Brothers Brett Galaxy Shake

6 523 Imperial We Trust

7 Blackwell Black Magic

8 Degenbier Unikat – Revolution

WhiteFrontier Ekuanot Amarillo

10 S&A Green Knuckles


I wish you all a wonderful 2019!


  1. Himmy says:

    Lieber Bov,
    einmal mehr herzlichen Dank für diesen Report! Für mich DAS Bier-Highlight des Jahres.
    Ich bin (leider?!?) in einem Alter, da rennt man nicht mehr jedem Furz nach, umso mehr schätze ich Dein Summary. Möge Dich Dein Enthusiasmus auch im 2019 treu begleiten, zu Deinem und unserem Wohl!
    Gruss Himmy

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